Location: located on the southeast coast of Australia (New South Wales), around a large natural harbor that connects to the Tasman Sea (and ultimately the Pacific Ocean). It is approximately 545 miles (877 km) northeast of Melbourne, and 574 miles (923 km) south of Brisbane.

Founded: 1788

Population: 1,012,070 (1924)

Sydney is well served by interstate rail. Steamships connect Sydney with both Brisbane and Melbourne. There are also established air routes to both Adelaide and Brisbane, although these are primarily used for mail rather than commercial passengers.

The Australian Museum

Situated on William Street, near Hyde Park, the museum features collections of vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, mineralogy, paleontology, and anthropology. As a result of a recent mysterious robbery, a strange idol had been stolen and, according to some sources, shipped north to Darwin by way of Brisbane.

Sydney University

Founded in 1850 at the behest of William Wentworth, it is the oldest university in Australia.

Alma mater, as well as current place of employment for Professor David Dodge. as well as his academic rival Dr. Radcliffe Brown.

Tradesman’s Arms

An illegal speakeasy bar, casino and public house, operated by a renowned criminal boss Mama Kate.


The Lighters of the Hidden Lamp of Wisdom operate from an opulent four-story building in central Sydney, led by an Enlightened Guide Agatha Sheppard.

New South Wales Police Department

Inspector Weston Hayes took keen interest in the new arrivals and the string of mysterious deaths and disappearances that surround them.

Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and Woolloomooloo

Regions of bohemia, crime and poverty, governed by Razor Gangs of Mama Kate and Tilly Devine.

Darlinghurst is especially known for it's theaters, where actresses leave with rich clients after the show is done. Recently it was the scene of the recent gruesome murder of the prostitute Lily Lowe.

Notable Characters