The Lighters of the Hidden Lamp of Wisdom (aka Lamplighters) is a well-known, public Theosophical-like organization with lodges in most Australian cities, as well as some regional towns. It presents itself to the world as a homegrown Australian alternative to other similar pseudo-mystical spiritual organizations that were popular in the late-Victorian era into the first decades of the 20th century. For the most part, this public persona is entirely accurate: the vast majority of Lamplighters attend its weekly public meetings espousing personal enlightenment, fundraise for the betterment of humanity, and look to self-improvement through harmonization with the spirit realms. Despite such public-facing good works, concealed deep within the organization is an inner cabal that pursues an ancient and secret mission. The Lamplighters are, in fact, an organization dedicated to aiding the time-displaced minds of explorers from the Great Race of Yith.