Boston is the biggest and most populous city in Massachusetts, as well as home to a small private detective agency, which holds the keys to the beginning of our story.

It was little more than a fun temporary hobby for our three heroes: Peter Steele, Karen Ballion and Frank Jones until they took a job which, despite seeming quite mundane, was very different from their previous cases - the case of Corbitt's House.

After investigating said house and dealing with it's long-unliving owner Walter Corbitt, they found some clues connecting late Corbitt to a secret cult-like organization named The Chapel of Contemplation, with many ties in police, high society and even government of Boston.

Unfortunately and unwittingly, they also made themselves known to The Chapel of Contemplation, which led to the disappearance (and presumed death) of Frank Jones. Peter Steele and Karen Ballion escaped from Boston to Arkham, accompanied to Peter's former colleague Ivan Zygzytsia.